Friday, August 13, 2010

Wide Open Spaces

Hey, guys. I'm tired. Again. I know, I'm sure you get tired of me complaining about it. Well, I'm tired of being tired too!! Sigh. Shake it off!!!

Ahem. So, I've been looking at jobs. Quite a few out of state. Nothing solid yet, but the idea of a new town, new job, new experiences....SO EXCITING!!! And a little bit scary. Definitely.

Anyway, this song comes up on shuffle on my ipod every once in a while. Totally strikes a chord. I'm ready to move on! Explore! Have my own life!! I'M READY!!! YOU HEAR THAT WORLD?!?

So, I posted this video. It's just the song playing with the lyrics. I like the picture, though. A canopy of trees sheltering a long country road...I like.

So, enjoy!! : )

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