Wednesday, May 18, 2011

From Eagle to Vail

Hi. It's me. Yes, I know. Been a while. I say this every time, so I should probably stop making false promises, but I REALLY MEAN IT THIS TIME when I say I'll try to be more consistent. Mmkay?

Righto. So, I moved. Again. Consensus: I HATE moving. Seriously. I have waaaaaay too much stuff. I should just get rid of it all. Simplicity is the key! Except my books. Gotta keep those. And movies. Boxed tv shows. They stay. And I love my bed. And all my kitchen equipment. I'm not parting with that. Well, shoot. Guess I'm screwed, then. I'm doomed to lug all my crap from place to place for...however long. The rest of my life! Hope to minimize the frequency of this. Guh.

Anyway, my lease was up in Eagle. I really wish I didn't have to move. I liked it there. The house. Roommates. Mostly. Kinda....but I DO miss the dog. Matty.

C'mon. Look at that face! And such a cuddler.... *sigh*

But Eagle was just way too far. 30 minutes each way. Plus the friggin' gas prices, it was just killing me. So I started looking at new places mid-April, searching in Avon and Edwards, which are 5 and 10 minutes away from work, respectively. NEVER dreamed I could find something in Vail cause it is dang expensive! Well, it is everywhere around here, but ya know. But I did! I found a place 2 minutes from work! Right near where I was parking all winter, actually. I can walk to work now!

Middlecreek Apartments. Old roommate called it Sing-Sing, cause it
kinda looks like a prison. : )

Rent is a bit higher, though. And had to figure out how to pay a deposit and all that crap. Bleh. AND I had to figure out the logistics with my landlord/roommate cause I already paid my "last month's rent" and then paid it again cause I didn't know I was moving so soon. Took some convincing to get that money back. But it all worked out! Started moving stuff with my car the end of April. Got help from Brother Brook from the ward and his truck with my bed and stuff. And my cousin Alicia and her husband Jason happened to be nearby on vacation and offered to help! Soooo sweet of them! Pretty easy to move the big stuff with so much help. Thanks you guys!! : )

Me and Alicia in front of my new apartment building.

Officially moved in May 2nd, a Tuesday. Always weird the first night in a new place. Different smells, different all your stuff is in boxes. I hate that feeling. But I actually slept okay. Which is good, cause I had to work the next day. Slowly unpacked the next few days. Felt TOTALLY settled once my books, movies and kitchen stuff were situated. Sigh. Feels pretty good now. Getting used to roommates. One I completely get along with. We talked for and hour and half the first night we met. Good sign! Other, we get along, but she's glued to her boyfriend. He's quite a winner. (Sarcasm). Nah, I'm kidding. Mostly. He's nice enough. Just...I dunno. *shrug*

Anyway, I'm feeling pretty much at home here. Still paying the deposit in installments, which sucks, but the girl who's contract I bought has been very understanding. Work has been inconsistent, which doesn't help money matters, but I picked up hours in Engineering. Landscaping. Ick. That's for another post, though. 

So, yeah. Soooo nice to be close to work. I walk every day, unless weather is bad. And sometimes even then! And, I mean, look at this view!!

That's what I see getting off the elevator on the 7th floor. 

Yeah. Location, location, location. 

I'm excited for a beautiful Summer in Vail, Colorado!! : )