Thursday, May 13, 2010

From Student to Teacher

Hello, all. I haven't been in a blogging "mood" as of late, but I thought I'd try today. Mostly pictures, I'm thinking.  So a few weeks ago, I finally got my younger sisters to come snowboarding with me!! But since it was their first times, it was kind of more of a lesson. From me. Yeah. I'm not sure I'm qualified to teach, but I did my best. Here's the proof:

Getting ready to ride!

Chillin' on the chairlift.

Double chairlift pic = SUCCESS!! :D

I was there too. See?

Alex rockin' it!!

Ashleigh is looking good!!

Alex taking a break at the bottom.

Looking fly in their gear.

Took a break for lunch. Whew!

Some crazy dude walking in the snow in flip flops with a 
can of beer in one hand and a case of beer in 
the other. Brilliance!

Some heel edge for Ash!

One last ride!

They both did VERY well for their first times. Better than I did, I'm ashamed to say. Each had a few successful chairlift unloads. Yay! And a lot of heel edge practice. A few falls, but the snow was what we call "mashed potatoes", so it didn't hurt. Just a little sore from getting up. : ) They closed Chickadee last
weekend, so that's it for them this season. And mostly for me as well. Ah, well. It was fun!! We'll see how
 we all do next season!! Hope to see you out there!!