Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Move

Hi, guys. Still working on the post for Boston. It's becoming lengthy. And my memory sucks. Also, I tried to bring it up to work on it, and blogger...wouldn't. I'm trying not to panic. STOP PANICKING!!!


So, yeah. I moved. To Colorado. It all happened VERY quickly.

I had an interview by phone with the Pastry Chef at the Lodge at Vail on Monday, October 25. It went INCREDIBLY well. She kept saying she loved my resume. Always a good sign. We talked about 20 minutes and she said she would make her decision by Wednesday of that week. I would most likely hear from Human Resources by Friday. Eeep!!

Too bad I didn't. Hear from HR, anyway. I was going out of my MIND the whole weekend. Nothing on Monday, either. Finally called Tuesday. No answer. Left a message. Gah!!

Got a call Wednesday, November 3rd. They were out of the office the day before and had I received the job offer through email yet? Uh...NO. Well, they resent. I GOT THE JOB!!! YAAAYYYY!!!! Um, starting the 11th? Like, in a WEEK? No bueno. Start date changed, after deliberation, to the 18th of November. EEEEKKK!!!!!

Still hadn't sunken in. Surreal. Bizarre. Me? Colorado? Move? Wha...?

Oh, and Laura, the Pastry Chef, DID make her decision that Wednesday morning to hire me. Somehow, I didn't find out for a week. Clerical error my...butt. ; ) Gave my 2 weeks notice that day. With my current schedule at Snowbird, my last day was actually the 13th, so the move occurred the next day, November 14th. A Sunday.

My room. Mid-packing. Chaos. 

Trailer, van, and my car all packed. I slept 
on the floor that night. 
Good bye, room!! *sniff*

I was accompanied on my move by my awesome dad and my two crazy/wonderful younger sisters. I'm so glad they could come and we were able to spend this time together!! I love you guys!!

Um, thanks? Weirdos. 

My awesome dad was willing to haul the trailer.
Thank you daddio!!

I'm sooooo GLAD I didn't have to pull the trailer!! I had to return it, and let me tell you, it was crazy. And it was empty!! It almost hit my car while I was trying to back up. Um...don't ask. 

Windmills!! Somewhere in Utah. Yay!

Ashleigh is SUPER EXCITED to be driving my car. 
I needed a break. : )

My best friend, GPS, and Sven, my polar bear
from IKEA.

Alex. Stoked to be in the back seat. ; )
And her new Blackberry. 

Um...what? And no services? WHY IS THAT TOWN THERE?!?

Man, these town names...


I felt welcomed. : ) 

Ironically, we saw a rabbit here. By the side
of the road. : (

Sweet dad still towing. : )

A VERY blue building.

Interesting mountains. Pretty!



That's the West-bound lane above us.
Yeah. I-70 is crazy. 

Getting closer!! Whoo!!

Almost there!!

ARRIVED!!! And yes, that's a Wendy's.
Hallelujah!! Haha. ; )

I work here now. 

Work uniform.

But more about that later. Anyway, things are good. Feeling pretty much settled after a month. 

I'll try to update more often, but you know how it is. Or at least how *I* am. Heh. 

So...later!! : )