Sunday, February 14, 2010

V-Day and more Snowboarding

Here's a lovely dessert we did for some VIP clients the day before Valentine's. It's a Napoleon with Lemon and Raspberry Mousses, sweet cream anglaise (sauce), and raspberries. Sprinkled with pink toasted coconut.

And at some point on Monday, I got inspired to make some sugar cookies. Here are some pics for ya. I kinda went nuts. haha! Pink and white icing, a piping bag and some little blank "canvases", nothing to it!! Didn't taste too bad either. ; )

Now, I'm still not really sure why I felt impressed to make those cookies, other than I was bored, cause I'm not really big on the "holiday". Quite frankly, I kind of hate it. And yes, you could put me in the category of "bitter singles". For years, I've referred to it as "Singles Awareness Day", because for those of us who are single on that day, we are VERY VERY AWARE OF IT!! Also, it's just a made-up holiday to sell cards, candy, flowers, etc. Blah blah blah.

This year, I guess I wanted to feel better about being single. Cookies always seem to help, right? And just to keep my mind and hands occupied, perhaps. I don't think it worked. This year seems to be harder, for some reason. Now, I don't mean to be all self-pitying or whatever, but I just thought I'd actually SAY how I feel on the subject. Also, I've decided that it shall now be known as "VD". Yup. My greeting? "Happy VD!". Gets the point across, but slightly insulting. Haha! So there. Enough on that subject. On to happier things!!

More Snowboarding Adventures

Here's a pic of Snowbird from the top
of Chickadee (the bunny slope). It was snowing
a bit. Beautiful, chilly day!!

So, I went snowboarding again last Wednesday. I was a bit apprehensive because I hadn't gone in 3 weeks, since the HUGE HIP BRUISE INCIDENT, but I felt like I was ready to get back out there!! And guess what I discovered.....SNOWBOARDING IS FUN!!! Crazy, right?!? Haha. Yes. I have reached the point where everything is starting to click and I'm actually enjoying myself! It's a great feeling. First of all, the guy at the rental place didn't charge me (yay! I swear, it all depends on which guy I deal with. Never the same guy...weird.) so that was a nice surprise. I felt bad I couldn't at least leave a tip, but seriously, I NEVER have cash these days.

Here are my feet strapped to the board.
I really liked this board, so I took a pic, to maybe
get the same one next time.

I was determined to work mostly on toe edge this time. It still scared me, but it was time!! The first thing I had to get in my mind was that my LEFT foot is my lead foot. For some reason, probably cause I'm right handed, I just kept thinking I had to lead with my right. Just one of those stupid things stuck in my brain. I had to let go of that. Once I did, it became MUCH easier! So, I was still attempting to ride to one side of the hill on heel edge and ride to the other on toe edge. I was still afraid of that transition, so I did it VERY slowly. To begin with, anyway. It got easier each time I tried it. For some reason, I still have a hard time going from toe edge back to heel edge, probably because I've fallen on my butt so many times and I'm trying to avoid that. : ) I did fall twice on my bum, but nothing serious. Somehow, I did hyper-extend my left elbow. That didn't feel very good. And my right wrist, my bum wrist, I wrenched it somehow during the course of the day. Other than that, I felt pretty good afterward. Arms were a bit sore, but that's all.

So, I'm thinking one more day of practice on Chickadee and I MIGHT be ready to venture out on another slightly more difficult run. Oh, and guess what?!? I have totally mastered the chair lift!! I didn't fall ONCE getting on or off!! YAY YAY YAY!!!! Whew. That means I won't fall on my hip like the time before!! That was part of why I was so nervous to go out again. What a load off my mind!!

Also, I'm really sorry if I scared anyone away from trying snowboarding with my last post. I really didn't mean to!! You should ABSOLUTELY try it!! I just wanted you to be prepared. Know what you're getting yourself into. And, hey, you could totally be a quicker learner than I am and pick it up right away!! But you never know until you try. Good luck!!

And Happy VD!! ; )