Thursday, August 25, 2011

My Morning So Far...

Thursday, August 25

Awakened at 11am (give me a break! it's my day off) by a phone call from my youngest sister. We chatted about her starting school, my bizarre dream, and parking permits.

Phone beeped with incoming call from older sister. Phone would not switch over, so ended conversation with lil sis (she had class anyway) and called Big sis back. News: her bun in the oven will be a GIRL!!! Very exciting! Emma will have a sister. She deserves one. : )

Told big sis about my job situation and housing and the crapfest that is my life at the moment. Talked to her current youngest, Isaac who just CRACKS ME UP, he's so darling. He wanted her to put on the sprinkler so he could run through. I MISS THEM SO MUCH. She had to go. Love you, Ranga! (not her real name. nickname. ahem.)

Finally left bed to visit bathroom. Checked bank account (it's payday. whoo!) But wait...I canceled that online payment 2 weeks ago and it's coming out TODAY?!? NONONONONONO!!! Very bad. Bad Bad Bad. Call establishment the payment is going to. Me in a bit of hysterics. On hold. "ARE YOU STILL THERE?!?" Them: did you call your bank? I will do that.

Called lady who opened my accounts originally. No answer. 2 more calls left message. Call general number for my bank. Talked to a dude. Transfer. Questions. My verbal password? What? I have no idea. Mother's maiden name? Oh, right. I know that one. Blah blah. Lots of talking. All ended well. Stopped payment. Whew.

Yeesh. Many highs and lows this morning. Mini heart attack to boot. Oy. I should really eat something. I need a chocolate chip pancake...