Wednesday, February 26, 2014


I've been thinking lately about my body. I know that sounds weird or conceited or....something. But I mean it in a good and healthy way. I think.

But seriously, there have been many things lately that have made me realize how much I can do with the body I have been given. Does it do everything I wish it could? No. But it does everything I need it to. And more than I even thought.

I don't think I'll ever be a runner. In my head, I'm a runner, but my body disagrees.

Ballerina? Gymnast? Figure skater? Probably not. I've pretty much let those things go. Except when it comes to Olympics season... *pines to wear glittery outfits*

Anyway. I've learned how much I put my body through lately.

Like hauling my butt all over England and Wales, along with too much luggage, on often sore feet every day for 2 weeks. And I loved every minute of it.

Like working 8-10 hour days on my feet every day after said trip while semi-jetlagged. Accomplishing that and catching up on everything was nothing short of a miracle.

Like doing repetitive motions all day for the sake of a fancy VIP dessert, leaving my already weakened hands and wrists feeling like aching limp noodles. They've recovered. Mostly.

Like pushing it to the limits with frequent yoga sessions, which I now love and crave.

Whew. And that was just in the last few weeks. My body was able to do all that and I am extremely grateful. I truly have been blessed and I am trying my best to keep that in mind in my lower points.

I can walk. I can run (sort of). I am perfectly capable of fulfilling all my duties at my rather physically-demanding job. I can hug my family whom I love. I can see, hear, sing, speak, smile, and I see now all these things are a gift.

One last, more sobering reason for my collection of thoughts. I was driving down the canyon late after work and yoga today when I saw at least 6 cop cars flashing their lights on either side of the canyon road. Next I saw the beige-ish 4-door sedan sitting on it's roof by the side of the road, broken glass scattered everywhere. I don't know if anyone was injured, but I suspect they may have been.

Not long after that, I turned off the canyon road toward 9000 s and as I approached the intersection at Wasatch Blvd, I saw a Silver pickup truck sitting in the middle of it. Then I saw the bicycle on its side in front of the truck and a half dozen people huddled around a figure on the ground. I suspect that  a bicyclist vs. Automobile accident had just occurred minutes before. The girl at the wheel was clearly sobbing and the police hadn't even arrived yet. Two lives changed forever in a split second.

Will the bicyclist ever walk or bike again? Will that girl live with the guilt the rest of her life? Can a person walk away from a roll over accident unscathed? I don't know if I'll ever get these answers. Thankfully, I was just a bystander, but it made me realize how fortunate I am.

Those affected by tragedy today will be in my prayers tonight. Count your blessings. I know I am.