Friday, July 31, 2009

Summer time, and the livin's easy...

Whew! It's been, like, months since I've blogged!! I would have every intention of doing so when I was away from home, but when home became reality, napping seemed more important. Haha! So this one will probably be a short one, but just thought I would actually post something new. Hmm. So...what's new? Not a whole lot, honestly. Been working a lot. After a long day at work, I kinda just lounge and chill, mostly because I can. ; ) Summer has been pretty good so far, and it's almost 2/3 over!! Crazy!! The beginning of June, I went up to Bear Lake for a week with the family. So wonderful!! I really needed the time off. I didn't even mind that it rained almost every day. I love the rain! Two weekends ago was the Annual Allred Family Campout. We always camp up at the Spruces in Big Cottonwood Canyon. It's nice to be away from everything and just play cards and read. It's fun to run around with the little kids too! I love my neices and nephews!! The next week, we celebrated my Grandma Morrells' 80th birthday. It was fun! We had a great dinner at Biaggi's and somehow I volunteered to do a huge fancy birthday cake for it! Now THAT was a learning experience. That's have to wait until another blog, though.

August is looking like it will be a time of transition. Alex leaves for college (Eeek!). I'll miss her so much! Work will be getting busier for a whole different reason than before. Oktoberfest is just around the corner! (Double EEEK!!) It starts the end of August and there is much to be prepared, like 100 german chocolate cakes and soooo many cookies and brownies. I do not look forward to it. But I am sooo ready for Fall!! I love the changing leaves and the crispness in the air!

Hmm, well, what else is there? Oh, well, a bit of news that I neglected to mention. I will be in 3 days declared 3 months Vegetarian. What?!? I know, right? That's a blog in and of itself, but that's gonna have to wait. I about to head out the door to a Relief Society retreat. Whoop. So, ta ta for now!