Saturday, August 07, 2010


Hello., once again, it's past my bedtime and I'm trying to blog while half-asleep and slightly brain-dead. Yay, for BEDA!! Heh.

Anywho, I mentioned the other day that I'm reading "Eat Pray Love".  Ah-MAZING. Still not done. I am in the third part, though, where she's in Indonesia. Bali, to be exact. Reading this book makes me INSANELY JEALOUS that I have yet to truly travel. I have all the intentions in the world to do so. I WILL. I'm just still working on the money.

I'm getting closer!! See?

This is my Europe Fund. It's 3/4 full!! 
Very exciting. : )

Yup. That's part of it, anyway. We'll see where the rest comes from. And that's an amazing black and white picture of the Eiffel Tower behind my jar. Love it!! I have posters and maps all over my walls!! Inspiration. I WILL GET THERE!!!
Paris la nuit. Paris at night. Gorgeous!!

My favorite, I think. A park in Paris just
off the Champs Elysee. In Fall. LOVE!!

"London Calling" and a map of the
United Kingdom. Woot!!

See? Big HUGE plans. And it's gonna happen. All in good time. Sweet dreams, all!! I shall dream of Europe... : )

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  1. I love your jar and inspirational items. Let me ask, do you fill the jar and then fill it again and again? I can't imagine your pocket change will pay for a flight to Europe much less the rest of the expenses. Good luck though! I would love to go with!