Tuesday, August 03, 2010

The Day the Oven Rack Attacked Me

In my line of work, there are quite a few hazards you have to be careful around. Knives, hot ovens, hot pans, heavy objects, and in my case, doors, door knobs, the corners of tables, large mixers, and much more. Sadly, I have been injured by pretty much ALL of them. No joke. But there was one more I hadn't considered. Until one particular Wednesday...


The Culprit

This is an oven rack we use at work. We put sheet pans on it and roll it into the walk-in oven. We don't actually call it that cause it's creepy, but that's pretty much what it is. It's like a walk-in closet that heats up to 500+ degrees Fahrenheit. We can fit two of those racks in the oven at a time. Yup.

A picture for height reference. 
Don't I look pleased with the thing? 

So, on this particular Wednesday, I had opened that day (4am) and I was wrapping things up and doing pan-up at about 1:30pm. Pan-up is when all the frozen pastries and everything are put on trays then on a rack, and rolled into the fridge to be baked the next morning. Anyway, it had been a long day and somehow I ended up being the first person in AND the last person out. This happens way more than it should. 

So I had just started and put one tray of pastries on the rack and I decided to pull it closer to make it a bit easier on myself. Yeah, well, I kinda pulled it the wrong way. I really should know better, but alas, I did it anyway. It's a little unsteady if you pull it width-wise as opposed to length-wise. So, yeah, I pulled it, I turned around, had a split-second thought of "Hey, what if that fell on me..." ---and then it did. 

The damage. Minutes after. 
You can see blood on my sock too. 

I had my back toward it, so it hit my back, struck my left hip bone, scraped down my left calf (pic above) and landed on my foot. Which it also scraped. But at first, I didn't realize how bad it was. I just thought, "Gall, that was stupid. Ow." and then I just picked it up and the tray of pastries and went about my work.

About 10 minutes later I realized my pants were sticking to my leg. Looked down. Uh oh. Blood.

Blood-soaked pants with my finger 
through the hole it ripped through. 

So, I went into the office to inspect the damage. Ew. A lovely scrape. I grabbed some tissues and the First Aid kit (which I use more often than a normal person should have to) and proceeded to patch myself up. 

The fix. 5 large band-aids, which I'm pretty 
sure are meant for fingers...

I finished my work and went home for the day. I didn't notice until later that it had ripped my pants AND my chef coat where it had hit my hip. Man, that rack was thorough!! I told my family the whole story. Only THAT would happen to ME. Accident-prone to the nth degree.

The next day. Lovely, isn't it?

I removed the band-aids the next day to let it air out and *gasp* what a surprise!! A lovely bruise to go along with it. I dreaded going to church and wearing a skirt. And our family vacation began the next Monday where I would be in shorts and/or a swimming suit the entire time. Eh. 

A few weeks later. Mostly healed.

Anyway, it healed pretty quickly and not many people noticed except for my sister, Ashleigh, who had the decency to scream, "HOLY CRAP, WHAT HAPPENED TO YOUR LEG?!?!". Yeah. Thanks for that. : ) 

So, this has been another chapter in the Chronicles of Anika's Injuries. Hope you "enjoyed" it. haha. 

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