Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Playing Catch Up

Hey, y'all. Geez. I can't even type that phrase without sounding lame. Some people can pull it off. I can't.

Anyhoo. This is going to sound incredibly pathetic, but I'm feeling a bit tv shows. Stupid, I know. But there's so much good tv on these days!! There's definitely a lot of crap, too, but there's A LOT of good shows I'm trying to keep up with.

You see, here's my problem. I go to bed super early, so I can't watch them when they're actually ON. I, however, don't have OnDemand or a DVR or Tivo or whatever. I do have a super lame old school VCR!! Yippee!! Problem there is cause of the stupid little boxes Comcast required us to get for full cable, it doesn't run directly through my VCR. I can record what's on RIGHT NOW, but I can't program it and all that jazz.

So. My only other option is online. Yay for Hulu!! You have to wait sometimes, but most of them make an appearance days after airing. Good news for me! But, like I said, I get overwhelmed. Hard to catch up in the 4 hours I'm actually home and conscious. Yowzah.

Here's a list of shows I'm trying to keep up with right now:

Covert Affairs
Pretty Little Liars
White Collar
Make It or Break It
Lie to Me

I think that's all of them. I also may or may not also be rewatching the entire series of "Veronica Mars". Heh.

Ahem. So. What about you? Any tv shows you're hooked on? Any you can't get enough of? There are some shows I see a promo for and I WANT to watch it up all I can think is "I can't fit it in!!". Sad. And pathetic. Alas, I must retire for the evening. Sleep tight. : )

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  1. Dude I feel your pain, however I convinced Kev to give into the DVR and the past two months have been HEAVENLY!!! I watch So you think you can dance, master chef, Bachelor pad, The secret life of the american teenager, Drop dead diva(which I LOVE)and cheesey disney movies. I tried to get into Huge but I had too much going on, have you loved it? how about pretty little liars, that one looked good too...