Wednesday, April 01, 2009

This is what I do.

Hi, everyone. I don't really have any thoughts to share, advice to impart, or anecdotes, but I do have a fair amount of pictures of stuff I've made at work. Wanna see? Good!

The above picture is of a Pumpkin Roulade. Pumpkin sponge cake spread with a mascarpone filling. It had a lot of rum in it. haha.

This here is a Lemon Meringue Tart with blackberries, raspberry sauce, and candied lemon zest. We did this for a very VIP group. VIP= pain in the butt, in my world. Haha.Key Lime Pie

Honey Lavender Creme Brulee

Graham cracker crust topped with a cream cheese mousse and fresh strawberries. Pretty much Cheesecake-in-a-glass.

A close-up of a petit four tray we did. We used Chocolate-covered strawberries, meringue cookies, Espresso truffles, Milk chocolate raspberry truffles, and one other truffle I can't remember.

This is the full shot of the petit four tray

A pomegranate and mandarin orange tart with fresh mint. Very VIP.

Chocolate hazelnut torte with a mandarin orange compote, chocolate sauce, and a pantella stick.

Chocolate Cream Pie. Super rich.
Key Lime Pie.

New York Cheesecake.

If this didn't make you salivate, then I haven't done my job. ; ) Hope you enjoyed it. Or hate me a little for not having any to share. Haha.


  1. yum!!! that all looks absolutely beautiful and delicious!

  2. Please, please teach me to make beautiful treats like you!

  3. I am hungry from just looking at the pictures! Mmmmmm...I think that I will have to wipe the drool off of the keys. When are you going to make me a yummy treat :)