Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The Car Gods Must Be Angry.

So, as you've probably seen in one of my past posts, I recently purchased a Chevy Blazer to enable me to drive to and from work safely. Good plan. I love it. Except...the whole idea of me buying a vehicle with 4WD was to be able to use 4WD when the roads up the canyon were bad. WELL IT'S NOT WORKING!!! Last week, I kicked into 4WD at the top of the canyon cause there was a few inches of snow on the road. The past few times, I did it, it was like the car jarred a bit when it kicked in, but then it was fine. This time, it was like I was going over a bump every few seconds, when I wasn't. Bad sign. I told my dad and we took it in to have it looked at. Bad news. Apparently, there is supposed to be oil in the transfer case and it was bone dry. It's not like if leaked was just never there. At least, not as long as I've owned it. Awesome.

So, my dad, being the Knight in Shining Armor he is, he went to the dealership where I bought my Blazer and made them aware of the situation. As far as the warranty, well, there isn't one. It was a trade-in and it had 135,000 miles on it, so, yeah. BUT it seems I had found the one honest dealership in the world. Well, not really. I suppose they're not ALL as sleazy as they seem. Heh heh. Anyhoo, Smith Family Motors is a very honest, very moral, family-0wned place to buy a car. Because when they heard what happened, they offered to help. They aren't required to do so, but morally, it's totally justified. They didn't know there was a problem, but neither did we. So, it looks like I'll be paying $300 instead of the original estimate of $737. An improvement in price, but still...ugh. *sigh* Stupid car.

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