Tuesday, October 11, 2011

One year ago...

One year ago, I hated my job.

One year ago, I was heartbroken.

One year ago, I felt lost.

One year ago, (almost exactly) I made a scary journey to Boston that taught me a lot.

In the past year, I have

...accepted a job without seeing where I was working/moving to.

...moved out of state for the first time in my life. Alone.

...met some great people.

...had my heart jerked around, but here I am: stronger.

...survived on a lot less than I thought I could.

...worked outside of my field getting hours to make ends meet.

...been laid off from a job I loved with no solid plan to follow.

Recently, I have

...applied for jobs I never thought I'd get.

...learned who deserves to be in my life. And who doesn't.

...interviewed at a job I never thought I'd be considered for.

...accepted a job that is more prestigious, more challenging, higher paying, and more than a little scary.

I am so incredibly amazed at what can happen in a year and how the Lord has led me by the hand so often. I was lonely sometimes, but I was never alone. I have become stronger than ever, more sure of myself, more capable than I ever thought. I can do this. This is my time to shine.

Next week, I become Pastry Chef Anika Allred. : )


  1. Hooray for the pastry chef job, that is huge! Way to go! I hope you love it and that things keep going well for you!!!

  2. Keep it up. Sounds like you're doing great. Not gonna lie, totally jealous of the Pastry job.

  3. Congratulations on the new job!

  4. All these things you've just recently found out about yourself, I've always known. I guess we have to find out for ourselves what we're really capable of. Sometimes we learn hard lessons but, in the end, we're stronger for it. That's my girl. Love you!