Monday, January 24, 2011

Wings, Spells, and Illusions

Hey, all. So...I really love to read, right? Yeah. Shiny electronic things have been capturing my attentions more often, though. I'm trying to change that. It totally helps that there are SO many awesome books out. Case and point: The Wings Series by Aprilynne Pike.

Wings is not your usual supernatural series. 
I love fantasy, but after a all starts to sound
the same, you know? Honestly, I haven't read many faerie stories, so this 
is new to begin with, and the story that unfolds is even more unique. 

Laurel is a teenage girl who has been
 home schooled for years, but after moving to a new town, her parents think it's time to enroll in a real high school. She makes new friends and, of course, a boy. But one day, she discovers a small bump in the middle of her back. It continues to grow until one blossoms. Into the most amazing flower. With the help of her friend David, and the mysterious boy she meets in the forest near her old house, 
she discovers her true identity.

I won't give too much away, but I highly recommend it! The second in the series is "Spells". 
I just finished it.

Laurel and David have a relatively quiet six months after the events that happen in "Wings", but when Laurel is  summoned to the Academy in Avalon, she learns how much she doesn't know about herself and her past. A really good read. Can't wait for number three!! "Illusions". 

Release date is May 3, 2011. So stoked!!

I hope you'll check them out. 

Until later... : )

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