Monday, January 24, 2011


Hey, guys. Just a little note about my injury. This isn't MY actual x-ray. They sent a cd home with me that had my x-rays on it, but it doesn't like Vista. Which I have. So, I found this online an it's very similar to my fracture. Mine is a little closer the end and not as much slippage of the bone. Luckily. 

So. The story. 
I went snowboarding on Tuesday afternoon with my friend EmRee Pugmire, her 5-year-old-son Grant, and another lady from the ward, Gwen. We went to Arrowhead, which is actually where Gwen lives so we just met her there. First run was fine. A few stumbles, but no big ones. I'm still trying to get used to the whole speed thing. 

We were about half way down the first run (which is long, by the way) and EmRee warned me that it's pretty flat near the end getting back to the chairlift, so I needed to pick up some speed. Well, I didn't do that great a job. I was too far to the left and using toe edge to turn more just slowed me down. I ended up popping off my board and walking a bit back to the lift. Annoying. I hate that, but one of the perils of boarding. No way to propel yourself forward, like with ski poles. 

So, we headed up the lift again. I followed EmRee down a different run, a little more steep, but not too bad. After that run, it merges into the same run we came down the first time. I knew about the flat spot at the bottom, so I was determined NOT get stuck again. I got to a steep part and was tempted to slow down, but I knew I needed the speed. I guess it was more than I could handle, cause I must have caught my toe edge and tumbled down hill. I hit the outside of my left shoulder and the left side of my face on the snow. My goggles and hat bounced to the top of head and I laid on my back for a few seconds. 

Bruise by my eye from my goggles hitting the snow.
Hard to see, but it was swollen. And sore. 

I sat up and knew immediately that something wasn't right with my shoulder. But I had to get down to the bottom one way or another, so I got back up on my board and rode down. Luckily I had enough speed to get all the way to the lift. My friends were waiting for me and I just said that I had a bad fall and I was done for the day. I was leaning on my board and must have been swaying a little, so I sat down and had some water. I could hardly use my arm. I made it back to my car and called my dad on the way home. I didn't really know if I needed to go the the ER or anything. I have the mentality of "What are they going to do, put me in a sling? Give me some pain meds? Pff." I think I get that from my dad. ; )

But I finally did. My roommate told me about a clinic a few miles away, so I drove there and got some x-rays. The diagnosis? Fractured clavicle. Great. And yes, I got a sling. And a prescription for pain medication. But at least the pain was justified. I've never had a broken bone before. Gotta say I'm not a fan.

I called my boss that night and she totally understood that I couldn't work the next day. She's been really great about the whole thing. I ended up taking Tuesday and Wednesday off and then worked Friday, Saturday, and then Sunday night after church. 

It sucks, being injured. Yeah, the pain sucks, but also the annoyance and frustration of being so...restricted. I can't do all the normal things I do, like dress myself, shower, or bake without pain. 

Tomorrow will be a week since the accident, and I'm really hoping thing get A LOT better. And fast. Yeah, yeah, I know it takes time. But, still. 

Oh, and I also discovered a lovely bruise on my hip.

Nice, huh? 

So, yeah. That's the story. I'll try to keep you posted. I'm feeling pretty good right now. No work today or tomorrow, so just rest and healin' time. Yay!

Until next time... : )

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  1. The bruises & fracture look very painful! So sorry Ani! I'm glad you're okay, though. I hope it heals well & as quickly as possible. We are praying for you. LOVE YOU SO MUCH!