Saturday, October 11, 2008

And so it begins...

Hey, look! That's my car!! But wait, what's that white stuff on it? Oh, yeah. That's snow. Yup.

It has officially snowed for the first time at work. Today is October 11th. I am so not ready!! Did Fall just start? Shouldn't we have a little time to adjust? Yeah, right. So, it started snowing the second I got to work and it continued to do so off and on all day. It was seriously blowing at times too. I know all this because there is a window that looks over a patio right outside the bakery. It's a pretty good view too. I enjoy it. There was a time today, thought, that the snow was honestly blowing sideways. No joke. The trees were all bent over and stuff and I could see the clouds settling in. Really cool looking, but a little scary.

Anyway, with all this snow going on, you know it had to be cold, right? Yeah, well, it WAS!! Honestly, I walked into the bakery and my co-worker, Matt, had 2 of the ovens open for heat. No joke. With that, it felt pretty good. There was a point in the day where I had to be in the freezer for 5 minutes straight and, let me tell ya, I just about lost my fingers. Obviously I'm exaggerating, but still, I really couldn't feel them. So, besides the freezer business, I just went about my business making strawberry shortcake and whatnot. Matt left before 1pm and after that, I just finished up stuff and then typed recipes into the computer. Super exciting, I know. At one point, though, I was finishing up the dishes and freezing my butt off, still, when Mikey, a guy who works in the main kitchen, came over and asked me, "Can I stand in your oven for a few minutes?". Haha! And he was totally serious. We do actually have a "walk-in" oven. We put sheet pans of whatever on tall racks that we roll into this big oven. Yup. So, yeah, I said Mikey could stand in the oven. Set at 400F. Don't worry, he didn't burn himself or die or anything. He stayed in there for a minute, shut the door, and said "Thanks". And that was that.

I headed home soon after that. I took that picture just as I was getting to my car. I am kinda nervous about driving the the snow. And for good reason. I've gotten stuck twice since I've worked at Snowbird. And that was in April and May! Ha! Should be interesting....


  1. I can't believe its starting already! Best of luck this winter... I remember the days at sundance where it was the same thing, ovens on to warm us, dreading having to "pull pastries" because it meant at least 3 minutes in the freezer, and wanting to walk into the giant oven for a few spins! Those were the days, have fun, eat some snow for me, I will be here swimming.

  2. I am also dreading winter! I shoveled sooo much snow last year, we were totally dumped on! I am worried about you driving that canyon in the snow. You should seriously think about doing the bus thing, as much fun as it sounds!
    Be careful!

    Love you!

    -Sharane :)