Sunday, February 24, 2008

WEAR A RING, why don't cha!?

To the left is a picture of the Eleanor Rigby statue found in Liverpool, England, as and homage to The Beatles song and also because apparently there was an actually grave for a woman named Eleanor Rigby. Now, why would I have a picture of this besides the fact that one day I will visit it? Well, no worries. I'll get to that.

Ahem. So, I've been out of school for about 2 months and unemployed for longer than that, so I've been staying at my parents' off and on. Whenever I'm there on weekends, I go to the family ward where I was a member from infancy until I moved for college. Anyway, when I started going more regularly, I noticed the low numbers of single people (guys in particular). I was bound to notice this since I've been going to college/single wards for the past 3 years or so. It was slim pickings in this family ward, but I did happen to notice one guy who was there almost every week and always sat alone. He looked to be in his late 20s, tall, and pretty attractive. So one week, my mom mentioned something to me about him. His name is Jordan "Jory" Dalling and he lives in the basement of someone in the ward. She said that he used to come every once-in-a-while with his girlfriend, but she hasn't seen her in a while. Huh. Intrigue. So....single? Not sure. I didn't want to discuss this with my mom, so I just listened and gathered info whenever possible.

Over the next few weeks, my mom would write me a note or just mention to me that he was the guy she had pointed out a while ago. Of course, she didn't know that, yes, I did notice that he was there and, yes, did remember you telling me about him. I am nothing if not observant. But what did she want me to do? You'd think she'd know that I don't just go up to guys. I did, however, smile if we ever locked eyes or say hi if we crossed paths. Yup. That's my idea of flirting. Maybe that's why I don't really date.....*sigh*. Anyway, I hadn't been to that ward for a while, so when I came this past Sunday, I was hoping to see him there. And see him, I did. He was actually on the stand and it looked like he was speaking. YES!!! This means that one, I can find out more about him through his talk and two, I can stare at him without drawing suspicion. Everything's coming up Anika. Score! My mom, once again, pointed him out to me and I waved it off, hopefully saying " I KNOW MOM!!". My sister, Alex, did notice that there was a new girl sitting all alone and she thought that she might be his girlfriend. Or sister, she said. Well, you never know. Nothing's set in stone.

So after the first speakers he was up to bat. He seemed nervous (so cute!), so he made a sort of joke and played it off. He was speaking on Repentance and he had a different approach, which is always good. All in all, I nice talk. As he was wrapping up his talk, he casually mentioned that HE WAS MARRIED!!!!!!
Um, exsqueeze me? WHAT THE EFF??!!!?!? Well, apparently, they've been married 2 weeks and no one knew he was dating someone, let alone engaged or MARRIED!! How was I supposed to know? He wasn't wearing a ring and I didn't really care to check the finger of the supposed girlfriend. So, I just glanced at Alex and we both bust up laughing because the guy my mom has egging me to talk to is--what, ladies and gentlemen?--married. Huh. Well, that's that. So decided to do the decent thing and nitpick about his new "wife" in my mind. Fake-baker. Bad posture(ha! good one, Anika). Ears are lopsided. Yeah, that's all I got.

Once sacrament meeting was over, I hoped that I would be free of him/them. But, no. We had Sunday School in the chapel with, who, do you ask? Yup, them. They sat one row ahead of us and a little to the left, so I got a nice shot of him putting his arm around her and them whispering to each other. Grr. So I spent most of class with my eyes closed, going through the guitar chords of a song I've been learning. It helped, thankfully. But, then it came to Relief Society and guess who came? Her. And how was she addressed? "Sister Dalling". Yeah. Let's twist the knife a little more. Thanks. Gah. *sigh*.

Anyway, I'm really tired and a bit depressed, mostly because I've been listening to The Beatles' "Eleanor Rigby" nonstop for an hour, hence the picture.

(Verse 3)
Eleanor Rigby died in a church along with her name
Nobody came.
Father Mackenzie wiping the dirt from his hand as he walks from the grave
No one was saved.

Ah, look at all the lonely people.
Ah, look at all the lonely people.

Alas, good night (or morning, I guess). We lonely people gotta get some sleep.


  1. Hey don't get so down about it. I once had a job at BYU scanning peoples cards as they entered one-stop at the beginning of the semester. There was one boy who was so cute, and ringless! I had seen him several times and decided that if he came in one more day it was a sign and I would hit on him. Well he came in the last day and I was so excited, as I scanned his card I exclaimed, Hey your the 100 person, you win! (He totally wasn't the 100 I planned this...) He asked what he won and I said, "my number!" Like I was so smooth. He rudely said "I'm married" and walked off. WEAR A RING, I hear ya!

  2. Anonymous2:46 PM

    I had just gotten married :)