Tuesday, July 02, 2013

A Brief Note/Confession

I love to write. I enjoy it. I've been told I'm fairly good at it. My mom remains convinced I should have gone into journalism. I recall writing an essay in 10th grade on the book "A Separate Peace". My teacher kept it as an example to show future students. In college, I wrote a paper on the 6 wives of Henry VIII (a subject I still remain fascinated with), but I enjoyed writing it so much, it was too long. It ended up being only about Katherine of Aragon, his first wife. I have always excelled in English class, possibly because of my intense love of books and reading.

I don't say all of this to brag,  only to set up my next point. I took AP English in my senior year of high school. It was a tough class. We were required to read Les Miserables the summer before the class started. We drew from it all year. Lots of writing essays, quizzes, and the like. Also, preparation for the impending test at the end of the year. Multiple choice and a big ol' essay to write all in 2 hours. I never took it. I never took the test because I knew I couldn't finish that essay. Even with all the writing I've done and everything, there is one thing I know: I am not a fast writer. I need to take my time. I have to get it right. I have to choose my words carefully. I knew I couldn't finish that essay in the time allotted. Not a good one, anyway. Also those tests are rather expensive and I didn't want to waste my parents' money. Although, it would have saved me a semester of English in college if I passed...

Anyway, my whole point is. It's been 2 weeks since I wrote that post about writing more seriously. For 2 weeks I've been working on a post on a very serious manner. I need to get it right. It's important to me to have the correct facts and present it in the right way. I'm glad at least one person is looking forward to my future posts (Hi, Holly!), but I do feel a bit of pressure. You might have to be a little patient with me. It's probably just myself putting pressure on myself (happens frequently), but I thought I would at least confess my process a little bit. I'm totally working on it, I promise. Life has been busy. That, and I seem to have several possible subjects to write on rolling around in my head and sometimes I have trouble focusing on one.

Soon, dear readers! Soon. : )

p.s. I love Calvin & Hobbes. : )

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