Monday, May 13, 2013

Updates: Business and Personal

Okay. So, on the business front, things are moving forward. Sometimes in spurts, sometimes at a crawl, but if there's progress, I'm okay with it. I've started getting the word out and there has been some response! I had to take a break on the website because it is SO not my forte and I was about to pull my hair out. So, in the meantime, I started a Facebook page. You can click here to peruse, if you care to. I am up at over 100 "likes", some of which are even people I don't know, so yay! I have also received and delivered 2 orders through this manner, so I really hope it continues. It's exciting. : )

I have also received my business cards. That was an exciting moment as well! I used the logo my brother-in-law helped me develop (he did most of the work) and then used to create my own cards. They turned out pretty cute! See?

I've given a few out already! Mostly to family so THEY can maybe give them out, but some were to customers and even one to a lady at the office in my apartment complex. That's where I picked up the package and she recognized the company. She also was who I first talked to about getting permission to have this business out of my home. You never know the connections you're going to make!

Speaking of connections, I went to the Salt Lake Business Expo with my friend from Culinary school, Hilary. She has her own dessert catering business ( ) . I feel like she has the jump on me as far as the business learning curve goes, but she told me it took her NINE MONTHS to get her business license because there was no form to have a food business out of a town home in Draper. They had to create one for her. Crazy! It's been about 1 1/2 months since I started the process, and I thought that was long! Let's hope I can get this wrapped up in the next few weeks. Oy. Paperwork is a pain in the butt. ; )

Anyway! We went to this expo and it was pretty general, as far as business. All types, some food. It was fun to see the local businesses and make a few connections. Hilary did most of that since she's "legit", aka licensed. She also had business cards with her since mine did NOT ARRIVE THE DAY BEFORE LIKE THEY WERE SUPPOSED TO. Sorry. I was rather bothered by that. It was fun to see her, though, and there will be some more conventions that are specific to food that we might go to. And I have my business cards now! Finally. I'll be prepared next time. : )

So here are a few pictures of the recent orders I did: 

Angry Birds Cake. Chocolate cake with strawberry buttercream filling
and covered in fondant. All decorations made free-hand. 

Dr. Seuss-themed cupcakes for Chloe Hennis, who was turning 1! 
Chocolate cupcakes with Old Fashioned Chocolate Buttercream.

And a close-up of the decorations:

Pretty fun. : )

On a personal and possibly not-so-interesting note, I haven't been feeling well the past couple months and I kind of suspected I might be allergic to something. I wasn't sure what, but by experimenting and process of elimination, I'm pretty sure I'm lactose intolerant. : (   My dad is and I asked him what his symptoms were and they sounded oddly familiar. It's a self-diagnosis, so I'm not 100% sure but I've been feeling much better since I have mostly cut dairy out of my diet. I thought it would be really hard to give up cheese and ice cream, but it really hasn't been that bad. There are good substitutes and I live really close to a health food store, so the transition has been made without much difficulty. 

In relation to that (kinda), I have now been 4 years vegetarian as of the 3rd of this month. Hard to believe it's been that long! But I don't regret it one bit. In light of this possible lactose intolerance, I've started to make some vegan recipes since they don't have any meat or dairy in them (or eggs but that's another subject for me that I won't get into). You know what? I'm loving it. I feel a lot better and it just easier to go back to what my body actually needs. I was REALLY good at healthy eating when I first went veg, but I've strayed a bit. I'm trying to go back to the basics. Keep it simple. 

So there's some news for you! Oh, and I'm actually writing this AT my desk while sitting on my "new" desk chair. I got it really cheap from DI and it has been great so far! I'm trying to segregate "business time" and "chill time" so having a good chair is important! If I'm not comfortable, I'm more likely to lounge on the couch and productivity wanes. ; ) See you soon! 

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  1. Sometimes I don't realize how much artistic-ness you have to have to decorate cakes. I know there is skill involved, but you really need an incredible vision and then execution know how to get the amazing results you have! Great job!

    On a different note, I recently saw (but didn't read) an article about a restaurant that used a sauce cooked with meat and put it on top of their vegan or vegetarian dish (I don't remember, it doesn't matter). I wondered how strict you are, or how much you care. You mentioned you have recently been a bit more relaxed, of course.