Monday, March 18, 2013


I moved about 2 months ago. The majority of those who might read my blog probably know this from some other source, but in case you don't, Hey! Here's a post about it! And some other stuff.

So, yes. I moved. To an apartment of my VERY OWN. It was all very exciting and scary. Yup. I now live alone. It's really fun and weird and bizarre and awesome. All at the same time. I have my own kitchen and can entertain and stuff! I'm really enjoying it.

My place is a small one-bedroom apartment. I was given quite a few things from loving family members: a table and chairs from Grandma and Grandpa, futon from mom and dad, and a desk from Uncle Garn and Aunt Diane. And I'm so grateful!

My desk. : )

Housewarming gift from my Aunt Julie! You don't miss it til
you desperately need one. 

And I also had a few projects. Like my book shelves! My dad was able to get some free pallet boards from work and he cut them to size so we could paint them for a new backing for the shelves. They're just cheap walmart build-it-yourself ones, so with the help of Pinterest and my dad, they're slightly classier. : )

Sprayin'. My hand was cold. 

Messy. I'd never get away with graffiti. 

And finally I was able to put up ALL my amazing art work that I haven't had room for the past couple years. So excited. :D

Danish cars and London collage. Plus ceiling fan.

Autumn in Paris and painting of the New York Skyline. And lamp!

So, yeah. I'm kinda loving it. : )

It should also be mentioned that there is another reason for moving besides independence and cause it's awesome: I really am moving forward with my cake business! It's still in its infancy, but slowly but surely it is happening. In the process of designing a logo with my brother-in-law, looking at business cards and other items, applying for a business license, and I have a friend in marketing that I'm hoping can help as well. Eep!  I'll keep you posted. Eventually. ; )

OH, and I cut my hair. Badly needed. A good change. My head feels so light!! Still considering a color since I've never done it, but we'll see. 

Ummmm.....I think that's it for now. I always have the intent of posting more, but ya know. See ya!! : )

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  1. Ooh, exciting. Moving to an apartment of your own. Colour me green with envy!

    And I have to say I love that desk (and the chair) - but for some reason I really love that desk. It looks so picturesque and elegant. (It reminds me of Kathleen Kelly's apartment in You've Got Mail - have you seen it? Excellent film) And I love your artwork.

    Good luck with the cake business!!