Sunday, November 04, 2012

Gratitude Photo Challenge Day 4: Leaves

My parents, sister, and I drove up the canyon during the Sunday Afternoon General Conference session a few weeks ago. And by sheer happenstance, youngest sister and her husband showed up too! Fall is my absolute favorite time. The leaves, hoodie wearing, the smell...I love it all!

Here are my parents standing in the leaves holding hands. So cute!! I'm so grateful for them. : )


  1. You're doing so well with this! :) Remember how I thought I'd give it a whirl? I took a pic on the first day (but never posted it anywhere) . . . and that's where it ends. But I'm glad you're doing it so I can enjoy. :)

    1. Thanks, Kim!! Although there's plenty of month left to go, so... ; ) and honestly my saving grace is really that I can do it all from my phone!! That way I'm much more likely to follow through. : )