Monday, November 16, 2009

My Five Faves

Hello, Ladies and Gentlemen. "What?", you say. "A blog so soon? Shocking!!". Yes, I know. But this one's a quickie. I was looking at my friend, Hilary's blog and she and her husband were discussing their favorite actors and actresses, so it made me think about MY faves. So here you go!

First, the ladies:

Reese Witherspoon
I just love her. Sweet Home Alabama, Legally Blonde, Walk the Line,
Penelope, Just Like Heaven...I love them all!!!

Rachel McAdams
I like her best with brown hair. But she was deliciously evil as
a blonde Queen Bee in Mean Girls. I love The Notebook,
Red Eye, The Time Traveler's Wife,
State of Play, and more!!

Claire Danes
My So-Called Life, Little Women, Romeo + Juliet,
The Family Stone,
and especially Stardust!!

Amy Adams
Enchanted (of course), but also Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day,
Julie & Julia,
Catch Me If You Can, and Night At the Museum 2!!

Meg Ryan
So many!! Sleepless in Seattle, When Harry Met Sally,
You've Got Mail, I.Q.,
City of Angels, Kate & Leopold, etc.

And now for the men:

Johnny Depp
Wow, he is so versatile!! What's Eating Gilbert Grape?,
Benny and Joon,
Edward Scissorhands, Pirates, Cry Baby (teehee),
Chocolat, Finding Neverland
and sooo much more!!!

Ryan Gosling
The Notebook (woohoo!), Lars and the Real Girl,
Young Hercules (teehee),
Remember the Titans...oh, yeah!!

Tom Hanks
He's the MAN!!! Big, Sleepless in Seattle, You've Got Mail,
Forrest Gump,
Castaway, That Thing You Do!, Splash,
...the dude is amazing!

Nathan Fillion
Now, he's on really widely know (sadly), but
this guy is AWESOME!!
Notably, Firefly and Serenity are incredible!
Loved him in Waitress, Dr. Horrible's
Sing-Along Blog (haha!), and the new series Castle!!
Sweetness!! : )
Ryan Reynolds

As talented as he is, the man is just BEAUTIFUL!! Haha! Wow.
But, yes. Talented.
The Proposal, X-Men Origins:Wolverine,
Definitely Maybe, and
there's more to come, I'm sure. ; )
So, there's my list. Can't wait to see all of yours!!


  1. Ever since Moulin Rouge I have had a big ol crush on Ewan Mcgregor :) Then there is this new show on USA called Blue Collar and the guy on that is super duper yummy!

  2. Sorry Anika, Ryan Reynolds is mine... so keep your hands-off! :)

  3. Ani!! I am Trying to get Back on the Blogging Bandwagon! I have Missed Reading your well-written posts! Thanks for sharing your Vegetarian Story. There were a lot of details I didn't even know about. I Did know about the Book Title, SO FUNNY! I am So Impressed with the Healthy Changes you have made in your life! Keep it up! Oh, and Tom Hanks is my Fav actor and I love Reese Witherspoon and Meg Ryan too! It was Fun to Read your list! :)